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The effects of remote work on company culture

Now that the intense part of the corona pandemic is over (fingers crossed), companies and teams are transitioning to a permanent new normal, and figuring out how to do so. Thus, now is a good time to write down some thoughts on how to deal with the effects of remote work, specifically on company culture.

The hidden benefits of being unproductive

I am currently reading the book Deep Work by Cal Newport and it is having a real impact on me. A lot of topics covered within it are things I have implicitly thought were true but never seen formulated or been able to spell out myself. One thing mentioned in the book that particularly speaks to me is the fact that for several reasons one cannot be productive in 100% of working hours although many - including myself - often times have the illusion that it is possible.

The underappreciated need for a self-management system

Raise your hand if you have been in the following situation. A colleague comes to your desk (or nowadays: they call you on zoom) to discuss something. You are busy. You quickly open the Calendar to find a time slot for a meeting. Unfortunately, you have no time right now and are also fully booked in the next days. Thus, you schedule a meeting in two weeks. Right before switching to the Calendar, you were able to catch a very brief glimpse of your e-mail inbox with the approximately 700 flagged or otherwise highlighted items that still need to be taken care of.

Four core beliefs

I have four core principles that shape my professional life: Pragmatism beats Dogma Honest communication is key Deliver value fast through decisive action Have fun What do I mean by these? Well, let me explain…