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Three essential reasons for creating a compelling product vision

A product vision is of paramount importance. This seems to be a given. You can find a lot of material that simply states this as fact without explaining why this is the case. Many write about what a vision is and plenty of folks provide frameworks or methods for creating a product vision. However, rarely do they explain why the product vision is needed, what the reasons are for creating one. It seems to simply be assumed that everybody already knows. Why is it so important?

Start with Why – 3 takeaways in applying this powerful concept

The Golden Circle
All companies know their What. It is what they are offering, the services and products they are selling. Some companies know their How. It is how they are building and offering their products and services, their values, their culture. The how is often also called Unique Value Proposition (USP). Only the rarest of companies are able to actually say Why they are doing what they are doing, what the real motivation is, what their purpose is 

What is agile development? 4 principles that lead to success

Agile is not Scrum, Lean, Kanban, DevOps, Extreme Programming, or any other agile method used in modern product development. Don´t get me wrong, all of these frameworks have a reason for being. I am working as a Scrum Product Owner (PO). We are successful and I thoroughly enjoy using this method. Scrum is one way (of many) to manifest and formalize agile principles. It is not equal to Agile. Agile development is a mindset centered on principles.

Does a Product owner need technical skills?

I recently wrote about the core competencies of a Product Owner (PO). Within that text I didn´t address technical skills. This topic is large enough to warrant a dedicated post. Well, here it is. Does a Product Owner (PO) need deep technical understanding to be successful? In my view, the short answer is a clear NO for the vast majority of products. The long answer is a bit more nuanced: it depends. Overall, I do believe that technical understanding for a PO is a net positive. However, it can also lead to some negative outcomes. I will dive into the pros and cons first before addressing some general points.